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Squirrel & Chipmunk Removal in Michigan

Looking for squirrel or chipmunk removal in Michigan? Empire Wildlife Trapping specializes in chipmunk & squirrel removal in Oakland County Michigan and the surrounding areas such as, Clarkston, West Bloomfield, Commerce Twp, Southfield, White Lake, and all the rest.

A family of squirrels setting up shop in your home can be devastating for your insulation and electrical wiring. Our Michigan squirrel removal experts are here to help you eliminate your squirrel problem, clean up the mess, and repair the damage. Don’t wait, squirrel love electrical wires, and chewed wires start fires!

The Premier Squirrel & Chipmunk Removal Company in Michigan.

Scratching, chewing and sounds of something moving around in your walls are a great indicator you have some squirrels in your home. You might also discover pieces of dried leaves, sticks, cardboard, or insulation in certain areas, this is a sign that they’re developing a nest.

Don’t wait to call us! If you feel you have squirrels in your home, call now. The longer they are there, the more damage they will do to your home.

Squirrel & Chipmunk Removal in Michigan

Get the best squirrel or chipmunk trapping service in Oakland County, Michigan!

No matter what critter you need removed from your property, Empire Wildlife Trapping can handle the job! Unwanted animals and pests can cause property damage and potentially health & safety issues for humans and domestic pets. Let us handle your critter trapping humanely, effectively and quickly.

Getting rid of your problem the right way is our priority! Here are a few common critters we handle.