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Groundhog Removal in Michigan

Looking for groundhog removal in Michigan? Empire Wildlife Trapping specializes in groundhog removal in Oakland County Michigan and the surrounding areas such as, Clarkston, West Bloomfield, Commerce Twp, Southfield, White Lake, and all the rest.

Groundhogs can be a huge problem on your property or farm. They burrow into the ground and destroy gardens and crops. They can chew their way under homes and live under foundations. If a horse or cow steps into a hole left behind by a ground hog, if can be injured and possibly break a leg.

It is very rare for groundhogs to attack humans. However, when they feel threatened or when they feel that their babies are in danger, they may attack. A few cases of groundhogs attacking humans have been reported but injuries are not that serious.

The Premier Humane Groundhog Removal Company in Michigan.

How do you know if you have groundhogs?

Groundhogs can burrow tunnels that are up to 12 inches wide and long underground tunnels. A sign of a groundhog infestation is large tunnels in your yard, typically near a tree, fence, or building foundation. Sizeable mounds of soil will typically complement these tunnels.

Groundhogs may not tunnel or dig repeatedly like moles and voles, but they do create rather large burrows. Groundhog burrows can be 7 to 65 feet long, with winding chambers and multiple levels. These burrows can damage the surrounding plant life or even compromise the ground stability around them.

A groundhog can cause a lot of damage to the ground structure of a yard, pasture, or garden. It’s best to deal with the situation as soon as possible. If you notice burrows/large holes on your property or have seen a ground hog, contact us and we’ll take care of the problem quickly.  We use humane relocation practices for groundhog control in Michigan.

Michigan Groundhog Removal Service

Get the best groundhog trapping service in Oakland County, Michigan!

No matter what critter you need removed from your property, Empire Wildlife Trapping can handle the job! Unwanted animals and pests can cause property damage and potentially health & safety issues for humans and domestic pets. Let us handle your critter trapping humanely, effectively and quickly.

Getting rid of your problem the right way is our priority! Here are a few common critters we handle.