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Ground Mole Removal in Michigan

Looking for ground mole removal in Michigan? Empire Wildlife Trapping specializes in ground mole removal in Oakland County Michigan and the surrounding areas such as, Clarkston, West Bloomfield, Commerce Twp, Southfield, White Lake, and all the rest.

We have been trapping moles in Michigan decades. We offer full-service mole trapping at great prices. So, if you have been dealing with mole issues and are about to throw in the towel give us a call. We do not use poisons or sprays, and we do not live trap and relocate. The traps we use are kill traps that pose no danger to your children or pets. Our method provides evidence that the mole was caught alleviating the concern of the same mole causing new damage.

The Premier Ground Mole Trapping Company in Michigan.

How do I know if I have a ground mole?

A mole is 3.5 to 7 inches long with paddle-shaped feet and prominent digging claws. It has an elongated head and snout, small eyes, and no external ears. The short black-to-brownish-gray fur has no grain, which allows the mole to move easily forward and backward in the tunnels.

  • Raised ridges crisscrossing your yard.
  • Areas of discolored or dead grass that follow a specific path.
  • Raised mounds of dirt. These are usually the entrance/exit to mole tunnels.
  • Areas of your lawn feeling “squishy” or like the soil is very loose.

Our goal is to be your last stop in your long and difficult journey in reclaiming your lawn. There is no shortage of ideas from friends and neighbors that they guarantee will work. Most only waste your time, money, and patience. Let the mole removal specialists in Michigan handle your problem. Call Empire Wildlife Trapping today!

Ground Mole Removal in Michigan

Get the best ground mole trapping service in Oakland County, Michigan!

No matter what critter you need removed from your property, Empire Wildlife Trapping can handle the job! Unwanted animals and pests can cause property damage and potentially health & safety issues for humans and domestic pets. Let us handle your critter trapping humanely, effectively and quickly.

Getting rid of your problem the right way is our priority! Here are a few common critters we handle.