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Empire Wildlife Trapping & Humane Animal Removal

We are a family owned and operated company, serving Oakland County and surrounding areas. We offer homeowners and businesses total wildlife control, or critter control, from start to finish – the humane way.

The Premier Humane Animal Removal Company in Michigan.

Our philosophy is built around our belief that humane wildlife control methods are not only the kindest solution to nuisance wildlife problems but also the most effective, long lasting and cost efficient.

Empire Wildlife Control, Wildlife Trapping & Removal in Michigan, Oakland County

Racoon, Skunk & Opossum Removal, Oakland Michigan Wildlife Removal

Our Mission

Empire Wildlife Trapping performs work that provides a long term, permanent and guaranteed solution for wildlife problems.

Do you really want to pay a pest control company to repeatedly trap auto-replenishing wild critters? Those animal damage repairs may be more intensive than you realize.

You have choices– a temporary solution for that raccoon or the bats in your attic, the skunk under your deck, opossum under your shed or rats in the crawl space –-or a long term solution.

Call Empire Wildlife Trapping for the best solutions to get rid of those troublesome critters and pests. We provide the best long-term animal removal services in Michigan!


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